Adding Additional Pages and Links


To add a custom link or page to your campaign, go to Edit Microsite and select the Links and Pages tab.

Choose either Add Custom Link or Add New Page.

HANDY HINT: Use Add custom link to link to your website or downloadable content. Use Add new page to add extra pages of content to your campaign.

Adding a Custom Link

To add a custom link, click on the Add Custom Link button then just paste the URL you want into the text box and give it a name. This name will appear in the navigation bar. When you are done, update the campaign.

Adding an Additional Content Page

To add an extra page of content (such as race information, fundraising tips, or inspirational stories) use the Add New Page button, select your page layout, then click continue.

Next, just populate your primary and secondary content areas with the information you want and click continue.

Finally, give your page a name and add the URL extension in. You can also choose whether or not your call to action (fundraise and donate now) buttons display on your page. Click continue again, then update the campaign.

NOTE: Additional content pages cannot be viewed while your campaign is in preview mode. The campaign will need to be live for you to view these pages.

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